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At Core Skills, we help you achieve balance between work, training, and personal life for new apprentices. That’s why we provide mentoring and coaching to support you throughout your work and training.

If you're facing issues either at work or at home that are impacting your apprenticeship, get in touch with your dedicated Core Skills Painting GTO Representative or call 08 6460 7205.

Mentoring and coaching support can include:

  • Assistance to develop tools and strategies to address and cope with any issues that may be impacting work or study

  • Regular site visits or phone calls to discuss challenges that may be impacting performance

  • Training and support for your supervisors to provide tools to manage personal and workplace issues

  • Mental health first aid support

  • Information, resources and referral to professional support services where required

Please contact any of our field officers or Core Skills Representatives if you need to access mentoring information.

Construction Workers
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